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Conservation Easements

Your Land's Future is in Your Hands!

bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) You still own the land but you are just placing a conservation easement over it which will prohibit your land from being developed.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) The easement will "run with the land" and it will reflect your wishes.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) Prairielands Preservation Foundation is the public charity holder that just insures the easement is being followed for you and for future owners.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) For 2008 and 2009 Congress hands out a break for qualified conservation easements: 50% federal tax incentive deduction for non-farmers and 100% deduction for farmers for the next 15 years contact Prairielands Preservation Foundation for additional information.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) There is flexibility in designing a conservation easement for preserving its natural resources for a healthy environment. It is a legal document recorded in your county.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) You can grant conservation easements in your will and can use this public charity as an estate vehicle.

Prairielands Preservation Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit tax deductible public charity and is dedicated to keeping ecologically significant land preserved. Your contributions will help towards this dedication.

Please contact us for further information.


217 South Orr Drive | Normal IL 61761 | Phone: 309-452-9124
Email: prairielandspf@aol.com
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