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Prairielands Preservation goals include:

bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) Developing natural habitats for our wildlife, through:
bullet1.jpg (492 bytes) Native prairie seeding
bullet1.jpg (492 bytes) Restoration of Wetlands
bullet1.jpg (492 bytes) Reforestation through woodland plantings
bullet1.jpg (492 bytes) Preserving existing woodlands
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) Restoring, protecting and maintaining natural habitats for insects, birds, mammals and amphibians, flora and fauna.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) Acquiring conservation easements working with the landowner to assist them in meeting their preservation goals.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) Providing activities which will help to improve public environmental awareness.
bullet2.jpg (535 bytes) Working with various public supported government agencies to advance the natural and environmental sciences.



217 South Orr Drive | Normal IL 61761 | Phone: 309-452-9124
Email: prairielandspf@aol.com
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