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Foundation Receives 52 Acre Donation

The Prairielands Preservation Foundation announces that its received a Conservation Easement Donation of a 52 acre prairie/woodlands parcel along The Mackinaw River near Gridley, Illinois commonly known as the Henrichs farm. Prairielands Preservation Foundation is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of our natural resources. Conservation Easement Donations to Prairielands Preservation Foundation allows landowners certain tax benefits while protecting natural environments such as prairies, woodlands and wetlands from development for generations to come. More information on conservation easements is available by contacting Prairielands Preservation Foundation at prairielandspf@aol.com.


May 2008 / News Release

Prairielands Preservation Foundation announces that it has received a $500,000 grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation in conjunction with the City of Bloomington, Illinois which it(City) purchased a 90 acre pristine parcel of open scenic space for the addition to the City’s rural park called Evergreen Lake/Comlara Park. This parcel will be under a conservation easement with Prairielands Preservation Foundation of Normal, IL as the 501c3 nonprofit public charity whose mission is to preserve ecologically significant undeveloped land by accepting qualified conservation easements with federal tax saving incentives, to ask for tax deductible donations for land stewardship/acquisitions and to apply for grants. By working together, the additional 90 acres to Comlara Park/Evergreen Lake’s already 2100 acres, will be kept in the City of Bloomington’s public policy of conserving the area around Evergreen Lake in its natural state. Thanks to Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation’s generosity of a $500,000 grant, this natural area will be preserved to enrich our environment with its natural resources. For more information: prairielandspf@aol.com.




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